Intuitive Life Community - Monthly Membership

Do you want to be intuitively guided, spiritually connected, internally inspired and present every day?

You are in the right place.

Every month experience a new focus to explore the different aspects of life from an energetic intuitive perspective.

A community of like-minded, open-hearted, intuitive individuals.

Live monthly workshops exploring the theme of the month intuitively, through teaching, meditation, visualization, energy work, and Q&A.

Learn to heal yourself, create change, and see things from a different perspective.

Create more space, joy, empowerment, and grace as we navigate through the different areas of life.

Be in deeper communication with yourself creating deeper self-awareness.

Be held in this container to support you on your intuitive, spiritual journey.

Through the years, as I have dove deep into learning, growing, healing and expanding my intuition, one of the most important aspects that allow me to do so is the community and grounded space I have to connect with every month.

You are not alone in your inquiry or dedication to grow, learn and live a personally empowered, really good, authentic life... you are not alone in your inquiry or dedication to spirituality, energy, and intuition.

Be an integral member of this community filled with truthseekers on their own journey walking side by side.

We all crave community.

To belong.

To walk alongside other like-minded, open-hearted individuals with unique perspectives and desires. To learn and continue to learn in a place where we feel we deeply belong.

And the best place to do so is in a community that is focused on inward awareness allowing everyone to be exactly who they are and where they are, including you. This creates a neutral safe place without judgment, criticism or competition.

We have all been there.

That time when we have taken a huge step, committed to something bigger than ourselves, become more aware, chosen to take that leap, to create change, to shift our perspectives or habits.

And then after stepping away from the source of support we experienced (be it a retreat, a class, a sacred circle, a relationship, a program or simply even an hour-long soul-searching session), we find ourselves alone, discouraged and not quite as clear, motivated or dedicated to our journey and growth.

I created the Intuitive Life Community monthly membership for this purpose. To provide a monthly soul-inspired-focus to our lives where we can continue to learn, grow and develop our skills.

Every month there will be a new theme to dive into.

There will be a monthly virtual workshop exploring the topic through our intuition, teachings, meditations, guided visualizations, journaling, and rich real communication.

There is an online portal to access the recorded class if not able to attend virtually.

You will also find deepening journal questions to bring this work into your bones and your intuition to the forefront. Supporting you as you create the sensations and experiences you desire in your everyday life.

You will be a part of our Private FaceBook community to connect, ask questions, share, support and celebrate.

Each month’s workshop is dedicated to a different topic such as Energetic Boundaries, Personal Empowerment, Abundance, Creating and Manifesting, Rituals & Practices, Sacred Spaces, Career, Relationships, etc.

We will explore and learn about each topic from an energetic intuitive perspective, experiencing meditations and visualization to clear the energy and create change, find clarity, and next steps to bring this growth into everyday life.

This community was created to support your overall wellbeing. A grounded point that you can come home to and just be.

A place to go inward to expand, surrounded by others who are doing the same.

We would love for you to be a part of this community and a part of the change we are creating in ourselves which then ripple out to the world.

I would be honored to support you on your journey!