Intuitive Journey Mentorship


Intuitive Journey Mentorship


Intuitive Mentorship - Private 3 Month Experience

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  • Personalized three-month journey with two one hour sessions per month in person, phone, or Zoom
  • Sessions are fluid and go between readings, coaching and learning energy work
  • Journal prompts, weekly insight and inspiration will be emailed to you weekly to support your journey
  • Learn about your intuition, what it is, how it speaks to you, how to trust it and take action on it, you have your answer
  • Learn to let your intuition be your inner compass and guiding light, you are never alone, trust yourself
  • Learn personalized energy management tools to support you in what you are creating and moving through
  • Experience your energy system, how to ground, how to create boundaries and define your space (both physically & spiritually)
  • Learn tools on how to create a mockup and manifest what you desire
  • Recorded sessions are yours to keep so you can listen to them again and again
  • Access to The Intuitive Life Online Program - 10 weeks of guided meditations, journal prompts, audios and videos


This program is meant for those who...

  • Crave more in life, know there is more out there and has an insatiable curiosity
  • Have had experiences that you are not sure how to explain but know magic and spirit are at the root
  • Feel, hear, sense, know or see things that there is no intellectual way to reason your experience
  • A desire to know yourself deeper, trust your inner voice and be your own guide
  • Develop your internal compass and lead your life from that place
  • Have clarity on who you are, what you desire and what steps to take to create 
  • Separate the enmeshed energy of others from your space