The other day I was in my little girls kindergarten classroom teaching art. Darling. The creative juices flowed as little hands danced on the paper drawing their version of their chosen animal. Different emotions arose in the hearts and minds of the children. Some kids got frustrated. Tears frustrated. Because theirs didn’t look like the picture, like the real thing. Others, stayed in amusement and just had fun allowing the animal to come to life in their drawing. “Can I add a tree? Birds like trees!” “Go for it!” I said. Then there was another reoccurring theme. Old school copying. “She is copying me! She is drawing Owls too. The same color. The same size.” One child said with complete insult and fury. I got down on one knee wearing a big smile and offered “thats awesome, you inspired her!”, “No she copied me” she proclaimed.

My wheels started to turn. There is no new thought, idea, creation, that is not the result of an experience or interaction with a person, thing or place. Therefore there is no complete original thought. Right? So what is the difference between copying and being inspired? 

When we copy in our lives, copy what she wears, says, does, how she looks, what he sounds like and who they pray too, we are out of sink with ourselves. It is from a place of feeling unworthy and disconnected from our source, from our greatness. It is not trusting the natural law of spirit and body. We forget who we are or maybe are still striving to find out. Maybe we didn’t have validation along the way that we were enough just as we were. That we are each unique, amazing, capable, beautiful beings and that each has something magnificent to introduce to this world. And that magnificence is in each of us. Just as we are. No fine tuning or manipulating required. That what ever we are called to create is brilliant because it is an expression of our true authentic self which no one else ever in this world will be able to offer. Because there is only one you.

When we are inspired by something that we see or hear or feel, it ignites our inner truth. It calls that magic within us to flood forward and to take shape through our energy. It is an inward process. The work comes from the beautiful depths of our soul. So yes, we were inspired and the result may resemble the thing that woke it up, yet it is your own energy that created it.

So how can we tell if we are inspired or just plain old kindergarten style copying? How does it feel? Stop and ask yourself as you put on the same colored lipstick, or alter your voice to sound like that persons, or adopt that certain lifestyle. Does it feel empowering, expansive and light? Or does it feel low in energy, like hiding and selling out? Do you feel like a fraud or do you feel in alignment with your soul.

Sometimes we try something on for a minute to see if that is our truth. Hmmmm art. She paints and loves it. I have always wanted a hobby. Maybe I can paint. Yes I am a painter. So you go to the local art store and buy your supplies set up shop and bam, you are an artist. Copying or inspired? Maybe both. Cool.

So when does copying cross that line between expansive and clausterphobic? When you stop listening to authentic guidance from your inner voice and the God of Your Heart. When you know that you do not love it, yet you keep doing it in fear that if you stop you will not be enough, you will not be happy, cool or accepted just being you. 

We are meant to experience joy and happiness every single day. We are designed to radiate this natural abundant energy. When we feel inspired the dam to our joy is unlocked. To keep the dam flowing is to check in daily to see if we are living our truth. If we are authentic in the way that we express ourselves and life our lives. 

As you go through your day, notice how you feel when you get dressed, eat your breakfast, talk with your spouse or friends. Listen to what your body and soul have to say. They will let you know if you are aligned with your authentic self. As you listen and allow your decisions and life to be navigated from this place you will find more joy, happiness love and peace envelope your senses and being. 

Where in your life could use more inspiration? Where could you give yourself permission to get out of fear and step into inspiration? Share your thoughts and comments.