What seems like yesterday, I had an experience which was pretty awaking. I was sitting on my bed one afternoon playing with my two small beautiful children. I got a glimpse of my hands and became mesmerized by the memories that started to unfold. Images from when I was a small child, a young fearless woman out in the world, independent and so connected, aware of who I was. In that moment, I realized that with being a mom, a wife, a friend, sister, teacher, etc that I had forgotten part of me. It was as if I had left aspects of myself in the past. 

As I starred at my hands and had this ah-ha moment, I felt good. Really really good. Like I had seen an old lost friend. One that I loved and cherished and was full of enthusiasm and joy. I didn't want her to go. And she didn't. I invite her in everyday and use my tools to connect and continue to remember, to evolve.

I realized how real it is that with our day to day responsibilities, stress and "labels" we get "out of touch" with aspects of our soul.

It is our spiritual right to be connected to ourselves and have the freedom to express and experience our truth. The Intuitive Journey was created to not only help others on their spiritual growth and daily happiness, but also for me to stay connected. 

I want to thank you for supporting me on my journey of spiritual and personal growth, joy, self-love, ah-ha moments, empowerment and just a very happy way of being.

I hope this year you join me in my offerings to help you connect even more with yourself and remember who you are, at the core, as a soul, with out the labels life has handed you. I hope the classes, workshops, coaching and tools I offer support you on your journey to more joy and the beautiful life you deserve to experience.

To a "in-the-moment", remember who your are, joyful 2015!