Hello! How are you? I hope joyful and well.

A lot is happening over here. All exciting and good stuff. I am working hard with joy and love to create all of these fabulous classes and workshops for you. I hope you can come play and give yourself some time and space to refuel your spark!

We all need to refuel ourselves. Sometimes it would be nice to have a visible gas gage to show when we are getting close to empty. Because when we are close to empty, that is the time when it can be the hardest to recognize that we need a moment, or what we even need to get recharged. It is survival mode and all we do is just try to get through the day, get through the moment. This is not living my friend. This is just surviving. 

You are too beautiful of a soul to just be surviving. This world is beautiful and abundant and filled with so much good. You deserve to be thriving and living with joy and strength and grace.

So how can you fuel your spark? 

One way is with maintenance. 
Everyday, choose at least one thing to do for you. Wake with the sun and write in your journal while sipping on a cuppa t, lay down in the afternoon and listen to the birds, get out your crafty stuff and play, meditate, practice yoga or go on a walk. Just check in with yourself everyday, whatever that looks like to you. See where your gage is so that you don't run out of gas, out of your vital energy, when you most need it. I think everyone would agree being stuck on the side of the road with out fuel is a very challenging situation. Be proactive. Maintain your energy.

Then there is the next level. Nurture.
Nurture yourself. Care for you the way you would your dear dear friend or precious child. Seek out the people and things that fill you up with goodness. Listen to yourself and act on your whispers. Be kind and patient with yourself. Giggle. And giggle some more. Don't leave yourself out on the porch and only come visit every now and again. Open the door and invite your true vibrant self into your home, welcoming you with a big hug and warm home cooked meal. Embrace who you are and nurture yourself.

These classes and workshops feed your soul and nurture your entire being. They are created to support your process of thriving in your life. 

Take the tools and experiences from these classes and private sessions and make them a daily practice in your life so that you can remember who you are and be true to yourself.

Live with joy, strength and grace.