The time is now. Time to turn on your light. Own your wisdom. Speak your truth. Act with integrity. Teach what you know to be true. Love unconditionally. Lift up as high as the moon and stars while rooted deep into this earth. Shine as bright as the sun with your illuminating light glowing. Dance in the rain and rejoice in the dark to allow for a doorway to open and the light to flood the crevasses.

Time to know yourself. Go inward and love what you see and dismiss what hinders your greatness. Time to find compassion for yourself so you can turn that love towards your brothers and sisters, plants and bodies of water, earth and air.

Time to live your life with integrity. Align your spirit’s truth and your daily actions. Marry the two worlds so your light leads. Sharpen your spiritual tongue to cut through to the truth and create new trails that have never been dared to be ventured.

It starts with you. It begins within each of our own universes, our own bodies and inner worlds. When we can find peace and love and compassion, when we can connect with our truth our light and the God of our Heart, then and only then can we turn that pure, dedicated, passionate, undeniable, grounded light out to the world.

But it starts within our own universe first.

So we must go inward everyday to connect with source. To remember who we are at the core. Not what we have been told we are. Not the name we are called by in body. Not the labels we have adopted. But the true essence of divine energy that swirls magnificently within. It grounds us and guides us and shows us the way. And then we can open our eyes and see clearly, see through the illusions and foggy clouds that our mortal bodies get absorbed into.

With this clear seeing and ever knowing we can become aware of hidden paths, unseen gems and medicine so deep within ourselves and this planet that we will raise our vibration and the vibration of our children, families, playgrounds, communities, tribes, neighbors, states, country, world, planet and universe. The domino effect is exponential.

It starts within each of us. The power of light we hold is never ending and it is our responsibility to activate it by honoring, connecting with it and communicating while admiring with gratitude and appreciation the divine light we are. I invite you to close your eyes. Go inward. Listen to the whispers. Play with the visions. Let go of what does not serve you or the higher good of this planet. Get curious and find yourself immersed in compassion which leads to love. Because the time is now, just like it always has been.

May love have its way with you.

Aimee Eoff

Published in Huffington Post Here.