You know those rushed days when you feel like there is a little tornado pushing you forward. That consistent hurry, hurry or bad bad things will happen kinda push. It was one of those days. Yoga was calling so I answered. I pulled into a parking spot and bam a car parked in the space right next to me. Like right next to me. I could barely open my car, next to me. My response. Pure annoyance. As I tried to become as thin as possible to squeeze between the two cars, I noticed this little lady retrieving her yoga mat from her trunk. I was doing the same. "We're going to the same place", she said with a timid smile. "Yes", I replied. Still annoyed that the squeeze game had slowed down my tornado.

Checked in to yoga. Laid my mat down and started to move into my zen zone. And there she was, right behind me. Class was awesome.

Got my yoga on, showered, and went to the sink. Balancing on the sink was a partially rolled yoga mat half on the counter and half in the sink. I proceeded to do my thing in the half part of the sink that was accessible wondering who left their yoga mat there. "I think it is hers" I bet myself. Sure enough she appeared to put something on top of the balancing mat.

That was the point. The point in time that I knew I had a choice. I could either be annoyed and continue with my story about this lady who did not have awareness or consideration. Or I could get curious. The thought was as clear as someone saying to me, "Maybe you are supposed to talk with her. Maybe she has something to share with you. Maybe God or the Universe has put her in your path to teach you something." So I did. I got curious. I turned annoyance (negative) into love (positive).

I stopped. Took a deep breath. Felt my feet on the floor. Ignored the time tornado. And got present.

Looking at her I noticed the darling eye glasses she was sporting. "I like your glasses." I shared with her. She smiled a big smile,"thank you. I have been wearing glasses for over 60 years. I am 78 and when I as a small girl I had an accident and lost one of my eyes." We proceeded to talk for a good ten minutes or so. Deep talk. Good meaningful talk. "I volunteer at the meditation center for teenagers." She shared. "I am sure your eyesight heightens your other senses, your intuition and such." I offered her. "Yes, it makes me be very conscious and in the moment. Makes me present to where I am and what I am touching," she affirmed. "I used to meet with a group of woman, all ages, to talk about dreams and spiritual meanings. I miss that. I would like that again." she admitted. "I would love that!" I said. "I have a cottage you can stay in anytime in Land Park, you are always welcome to be my guest." she invited. "I would love that too!". We were tight. Sisterhood in a instant.

This amazing dialogue of feel good real stuff stopped all time. It filled me up with so much love and light. As it did for her too. All day I thought about how magic happened because I chose to get curious. To chose love over annoyance. To stop and look at the message and offerings the universe provides. And I wondered how many messages or signs I have missed? And I know I am changed because of this little lady. And am grateful and will stop and be aware of the gifts I am offered. I just need to be present enough and curious enough to experience them.

What messages or experience are you missing out on because of your own time tornado or perception that might just need a little spiritual adjustment? Now go get your curious on.