We all hit a point of broken. A place where we look around and our tender pieces surround our feet on the floor as we try to stay balanced. We look around and although the same physical environment stares back, nothing looks familiar. There is a brokenness in our hearts and a shattered vision in our hands. This is the place where real growth begins.

In life there are three phases - creation, preservation and destruction. These three things are the only things ever happening. And we must have all three in order to live this human life.

In the creation phase we are exhilarated, excited and connected to our purpose, mission and soul. We get to envision what we want and somehow that vision creates a magic carpet ride as we sprinkle light magic creation dust down on the womb. We see clearly. We feel connected. We feel joyful and hopeful. Nothing can stop us.

Once created we must nurture our dream. We must tend to it, feed it, and talk with it daily. It responds and communicates back, sometimes with whispers, sometimes with giggles and other times with tears. We get to know it on an intimate level. Understanding it, is understanding ourselves learning more about our spirit and humanness along the way.

It is like reading a good book which feels like a best friend. But then one day the book is complete. We don’t want to let it go so we decide to read it again. We find more depth and lessons and possibly intrigue, each word taking us deeper into our growth. Maybe the book is read once or twice or twenty two times, but one day the book has done it’s job. We have learned our lessons and experienced what we desired or needed for growth and the book must be put down to rest.

We need to let go. But it hurts. We will miss the familiarity of it, the comfort. Even if the words in the book are no longer comfortable, we will miss our creation.

This is the point of broken. When we need to deconstruct what we created. To let go so we can start the phases of our life cycle once more. When we create next time it will be with more wisdom, experience and understanding of self.

This place of brokenness, although hard to always see, is a beautiful place of creation and part of life. For the new to be birthed the old needs to die. And so the energy circles and the cycle continues.

It takes courage and a spiritual perspective to let go, to destroy what you have created. For some the word destroy invokes a gasp of fear or “how could I.” When we look at the word for what it means and not the pictures attached to it, really it is simply letting go. When we let go, the energy recycles and takes form in another way through the phase of creation.

Destruction is not harming someone or something. It is finding gratitude for what was, recognizing it is complete and giving the energy back to the universe in raw form.

Sometimes we are challenged with destruction. We are healers and want to heal, not destroy. But destruction is part of healing. It is giving back energy to that which it came from to create once again.

We can experience all three phases at one time in different facets of life.

Maybe you are in creation as your womb nurtures the miracle of a baby. At the same time you are preserving the artist inside as you honor the call to paint and give form to visions on canvas. Simultaneously your career shifts and you must let go of the successful business woman you were in your previous role and have no idea what is next.

The spirit who is creating deep connections and relationships within a community for the first time in their life. Their preservation of boundaries and self care while the destruction of marriage feels like it takes over.

The man who is creating deeper self awareness while preserving and nurturing his wellbeing and simultaneously managing the destruction of his ego.

The body which continually creates, nurtures and destroys cells in order to function as the miracle it is.

There are always these three phases happening. The destruction can seem so much bigger and overwhelming leaving the creation and preservations shadowed. Look in the shadow and find the light. The shadow is not bad, it is necessary. However, when it is all we can see we become it which is paralyzing to the process.

This is where we get stuck in destruction. We sit on a fence and try to decide how not to destroy it. We bargain with God or ourselves and try to figure out how to glue it back together.

When we accept, we can move forward, honoring what was with great gratitude and welcoming with a curious eye what we will create next.

Notice what you are holding on to. Ask yourself when did it expire? When was it complete and how long have you been trying to breathe life into it, see it a different way, make excuses or deform your truth to try to fit in with that which is ready to be let go?

Start to say hello and notice the creation phase you are stepping into once you accept the completion of what was. What symbol or color is it? What feeling in your body do you get deep down that ignites the spark of your spirit as you entertain the inevitable change and creation you one day will experience?

Let that light guide you through the brokenness. Even if it is just a glimmer of a spark or a fleeting thought or vision. Hold onto it with all your mite as you go through the destruction phase.

It is not the destruction of you, it is the destruction of an experience and the beginning of a new creation.

Aimee Eoff

Published in Huffington Post