I remember, not long ago, a student slide into class with her head down. No eye contact. Walk of shame vibe going on. 

We began as I asked if there were any questions or experiences anyone wanted to share from the week before. She was silent. A few others spoke up. Later in class, still silent.

Half way through class it came to light. “I am not a good student.” she said, “I only meditated once last week and it was for maybe five minutes. I'm not good at this and I feel like a spiritual fake.”

The look on her face, her body language and voice sounded like she was confessing something equating to a prison term - or at least exile from the class. Like she really did something wrong and wasn’t "good" at spirituality. 

I was so glad she shared because she brought up a very real experience that so many of us have in this world today. The pressure of doing things right, getting things done and the “everyone else is doing it perfectly” syndrome. 

When did spiritual self-care, sacred practices (intended to bring joyful well-being, peace and consciousness) slip on over to the “do the laundry, pick up dog food and pay the bills” to-do list?

When did spirituality make it’s mark on a to do list at all?
It isn’t to do. It is to be.


Discipline of the body and acting on your soul whispers - those calls to take care of yourself - do require action from you, but this is different from a check list to-do experience.

You can intend and ground your desire to engage in your spiritual practices, such as meditation, the key is if it is in joy.

If you lose joy in the process ask yourself if you are intellectually doing spirituality or intuitively being

They are different vibrations, one activating the mind and the other experiencing your higher awareness, knowing yourself as spirit.

Transformational practices are not intended to add to the stress, they are intended to release the stress from the day to day events of our lives plagued by expectations, judgments and over-doing.

So why wound that which you are trying to heal?

What if mediation and spirituality was an intuitive call. What if through your day, you get the call, the feeling, knowing or vision to meditate AND you desire, crave the quite space. What if you let go of the check list and allow your spiritual practices to be a love note sent from your soul to your awareness that then initiates your intuitive practices.

But it takes practice and trust to let go of the list. To trust that you will guide yourself. But that is the point. To get out of the intellect and engage your intuitive self. And the more you do, the more it weaves throughout your life and becomes like breathing. Effortless. But necessary.

Post-it notes are birthed by the intellect.
Intuitive invitations are sent from the soul.

Just imagine releasing the responsibility and have-to out of your intuitive practices and see how it shifts for you. I am curious what you notice.

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Big love,

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