We live in a world with a constant demand for our attention and our attention is one of our biggest superpowers.

What we give our attention to, grows, becomes our reality. We feed it, nurture it and our energy - our attention - illuminates it just like the sun gives life and growth to a flower. The sun shining on the flower grows the seed into a beautiful blooming miracle. Our attention - our energy - does the same.

What we put our attention on grows and becomes our reality.

This is not about denial and not acknowledging something. It is just the opposite. It is about being aware of all the things and having the skill to focus your attention where you want and create change instead of being overtaken by the energy and losing seniority and your personal power. 

When we lose our seniority to an energy (thoughts, feelings, visions) it can lead to becoming enmeshed in it where we are controlled by it. Our reality is then determined by what is around us making us feel victimized vs creating our reality and feeling personally empowered.

It is being aware of the challenges, the low vibrations, the really hard stuff, AND the amazing beautiful dreams, experiences, and happenings surrounding us simultaneously.

It is seeing that you are so capable that the emotion, thought, fear, etc does not overtake you. You get to set your vibration and create your experience, choose your response and be intuitively aware.

How do we do that?


The ability to go inward and be the observer without the need to change, fix, or wrestle whatever you become aware of. 

The first step is simply noticing what you notice. Neutral observation. Observing instead of absorbing.

What are the feelings, visions, thoughts you are experiencing?

Be curious. Don't judge. And if you do judge, just notice that you are judging. It's all just information for you.

When you close your eyes and go inward you start an internal dialogue between you and your body. 

In this dialogue, from a neutral place, you are able to have profound awareness amplifying your intuition. 

Because remember, with awareness, comes power to create change, grow what you desire and release what does not serve.

This internal dialogue through meditation and observing energy - energy in the form of thoughts, visions, sensations in the body - you start to strengthen your skill in giving your attention to what you desire.

In that neutral place during meditation, the energy that you become aware of doesn't have as much of a charge to it and you are able to not get hooked by it or lost in it as easily, therefore, gaining seniority and being in the driver's seat of your life instead of at the mercy of whatever the circumstance or energy is.

When we become intuitively aware of what energy is present, we have a choice, to change it or not.  We have the ability to put our attention on anything and shift our energy in relation to it.

And miraculously, as we start to develop this skill through meditation, we become more capable to manage energy we become aware of as we walk around during our days open-eyed. 

Intuitive capabilities become like breathing, you don't need to think about it or direct it, it just is.

Meditation is the tool we use to practice and develop the skill of intuition, directing attention, and creating what is desired. The other 23 hours and 40 minutes of your day, when you are not meditating, are where we put our skills to practice and they are extremely valuable.

When we take responsibility and care for our energy by clearing out what is not ours (such as stress, negative thoughts, demands, expectations) we create space for our own unique energy to vibrate and have more access to our intuition.

We are constantly making decisions. Little ones like what kind of tea do I want or should I turn right or left, to huge decisions like marriage, investments, and careers that will impact the rest of our life.

Having your intuition as the key element to making these decisions will define whether you are creating it in alignment with your truth and what you really want or creating your life with so many other people's energy (opinions, expectations, dreams for you, etc) in your space that you wake one day wondering why you live where you live, why you are in the relationship, how you ended up in the career you are in and ultimately not knowing who YOU are or what you truly desire.

The more intuitive awareness you have, the more information you can access to make decisions that are true to you.

Can you see why meditation and intuitive awareness are so essential to living life at your fullest potential and creating at your highest capability?

Today I invite you to close your eyes and meditate. Learn to shift your energy and find that neutral place within where you are able to access so much information and release the stress.

Imagine dedicating even 5 to 20 minutes a day to close your eyes, find that neutral place of observation and be able to decide what you want to give your attention to, what energy you want in your personal space and how you want to set your vibration and be the most capable you to create what you desire.

Meditation is one of the most impactful ways to amplify your intuition and live at your highest potential.

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