This past week was spring break which typically includes vacations, get-togethers, and celebrations - getting out of the normalcy of our day to day.

We seek change from our daily routines, to infuse more fun, joy, and adventure.

It seems we set up this system that implies during these special dedicated times is when we get to actually FEEL ALIVE.

But what if we have it all wrong? What if we are abiding by a system that actually isn't accurate or concrete?

What if you could create your own way, your own belief system about what you get to experience and when? 

What if every day you could experience that which you seek but keep saved for vacations and special days only?

We all want to be internally joyful and inspired, feel alive and enthusiastic. 
I want to share this with you...

It is your birthright to have your life infused with joy and inspiration.

It is what is meant for you in this life. It is who you are.

To feel alive, to experience the extraordinary in the ordinary, to feel inspired and enthusiastic.

This is truth.

And this doesn’t mean we do not have hard, challenging days. They will be there, many of them in fact. But during those days you have the ability to shift energy, see both the challenge and the joy simultaneously.

You can have two opposing experiences at the same time.

If you stay connected to and aware of the higher vibration then you are able to move through the lower vibration with more ease, grace, and fluidly which means more quickly.

So how do we create our own way of being and infuse our daily lives with more inspiration + joy?

  1. Notice the present moment. Be here now and connect with what you are experiencing.

  2. Be aware of the emotions and energies you are experiencing. See them as an energy that is moving through you, not defining you.

  3. Be neutral in your observations. Notice which thoughts, actions, or visions bring up low vibration energy - such as fear, judgment, and dis-ease; and which ignite high vibration energy - such as joy, enthusiasm, and peace.

  4. Journal on these or simply write down a word or phrase to capture what brings you more joy.

  5. Do more of that which brings joy and ignites inspiration. Every day. Dedicate your life to the ordinary moments to make them extraordinary. Infuse them with things you love to do and experience. Saturate them with thoughts that bring joy and peace. Create the visions that instill trust and enthusiasm to the point your belly is tingling and your smile is contagious.

  6. Map out inspired action. Create your calendar with these actions as the pillars. Schedule in the things you love to do even as simple as enjoying a hot cup of tea in the afternoon or dancing for three minutes in your living room in the morning. Calendar in thoughts or times to envision what infuses inspiration. Let it be simple. And watch the simplicity change your life.

I really want to emphasize the simple part of this. There are already so many things “to do”, checklists, information, and advice to follow.

What I am offering is for you to follow your own inner knowing, awareness and “advice”.

You hold your answers and know what is best for you. You know what infuses joy and what does not.

And only you can take inspired action or create an energetic connection to have these experiences.

You are a beautiful soul deserving of an amazing life. Every. Single. Day.

When life doesn’t feel amazing, knowing you have the ability to connect with the amazing - to see it, know it, trust it - gives solace, grace, and fluidity even when we are experiencing a challenge.

I invite you to sit and be with this for even five minutes today. Write it down. Feel it. See it. And choose at least one way to infuse inspiration + joy into your daily life.

Experience your ability to create massive change in your life with simple effortless ways.

Much love,

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