Sometimes in life we feel stuck, unmotivated, or weighted down by the layers we need to move through to create the changes we desire. Be it a new habit, a new way of thinking, nourishing our body, a new workout routine, or letting go of an old relationship. With any change comes the sticky energy that can be very challenging to move through.

Some days you may find yourself staying stuck in the stickiness not able to ground, focus, feel joy, or even be an active participant in your life. Those days are going to happen.

You will also have the days when you recognize where you are and where you want to be and have the energy to unstick yourself and keep moving; energetically, physically, and mentally. But we want more of the latter days then the staying stuck days to be able to transition and transform with ease and grace.

Your energy state and your intuition can support you in staying above the muck and connected to fluid movement.

Here are some ways to allow your energy state and intuition support you during times of transition:

  1. Be the observer vs being in resistance or effort which is where energy gets stuck and can not flow. Being the neutral observer allows you to witness without being attached or affected by emotions such as fear or anger. Choose to be at a higher vibration of energy to stay above and not attached to the lower vibrations.

  2. Ask the right questions. One question I ask myself a lot is “is this something to move through or to stay with to fully receive the wisdom?” Meaning is this something to allow to flow out of your space without the need for introspection or is it a picture/thought/emotion that needs tending to. Do you need to give it more of your attention and be with it? Are there layers to explore deeper than what you are aware of? If so, maybe journal about it. Just start to write freely with the picture/thought/emotion at the top of the page and see what comes forward. Are there other gold nuggets that reveal themselves to support you on your journey of change?

  3. Practice deep self-care. I see self-care as being able to respond to what your body, mind, soul all need to be at optimal wellbeing. Ask yourself, “What do my body, mind, and soul need right now?” let your intuition guide you, then act on it. Give yourself compassion and grace knowing that you are doing the work and it is the journey, not the destination. You will get there more quickly and gracefully if you partner with yourself vs compete and judge yourself.

  4. Stay connected to the vision + feelings you want to have to allow that pull and enthusiasm of what you are creating and why you are making this transformation more desirable and important than the muck you are moving through to get there. Let that vision fuel you. Write post-it notes around your home to remind you. Create a vision board. And see it clearly in your mind's eye while feeling what it will feel like when it happens thought out your entire being.

  5. Journal daily. Write a note about what you are focusing on changing every day. Why you want this change. Why you have decided that the way it is now no longer works. Be your best friend and give yourself the advice you would give to a friend. Let your intuition guide this process as well, not just the intellectual reasoning and data collecting. When you go back and read your own words it will connect you back to yourself and reinforce self-trust, compassion, and ignite you to keep moving forward.

  6. Put a mark on the calendar reflecting how each day goes. Our perspectives are influenced by our emotions. Maybe some days are really hard and it skews the overall experience making it seem like every day is doom and gloom but in reality, you have had 5 really great fluid days and only 2 challenging days. Seeing the pattern and where the hard days fall will shift you into observation and show you your progress and where you are in the growth period. It’s all information for you, and information is power because information is awareness that gives you choice.

Transformation is not for the faint of heart. But I know there comes a point for everyone where you just can’t sit any longer. It’s the place where the soul takes over and navigates the ship. This is a blessing because our primal brains and survival energy would have us stay right where we are to keep us “safe”. When the soul takes over, you know your wisest, most capable self is leading the way.

Take a deep breath and know that you have got this. Keep moving and stay present with each step allowing your intuition to guide.

Still feeling stuck and unsure on how to start to create these steps? Need a plan and some loving support to get you moving confidently down the path you most want to be on. I am here to help. There are lots of ways we can work together. Let’s connect to discover how we can best work together to get you feeling your absolute best – mind, body, and soul. Click below to send me a message – let me know what’s on your mind and in your heart.