Do you ever have those weeks when you look back and it seems like a blur?

You can't remember what you did when and it was all about just getting the stuff done and getting through it.

I hear this so often from people.

"How do I just stop being all over the place, super stressed and anxious?"

What I realize, we are all seeking a new way.

A new way to manage stress and to experience our lives.

A new way of knowing ourselves and seeing others.

A new way to love and feel deeper.

A new way to find our clarity and certainty to what is true for each of us individually and collectively.

We are seeking a new way of experiencing our lives, experiencing every day, every moment.

To be happy.

To notice the small things in life that bring such joy like your child singing to himself softly or the smell of the coffee in the morning or the comfort in knowing your loved one is in the other room.

To not be so stressed when we come home full of everyone else's problems, demands, and expectations that we go straight for the glass of wine, the television, or other methods to check out; instead of feeling the comfort of our home and the gratitude for having our career.

Gratitude for knowing we have the capability to energetically disengage from the noise and enjoy our own personal space by learning to direct our attention.

A new way which allows us to manage the energy of our days so that we are connected, present, clear, certain, and inspired.

Then we can enjoy ourselves, our friends, our families and that once annoying sound called singing becomes a beautiful wave igniting joy and appreciation.

We are seeking a new way to parent, be in partnership, be in friendship, be in relationship with ourselves and with the God of our hearts.

We are seeking a new way of being.

One that allows us to evolve and elevate and live at our highest potential while tapped into our greatest capabilities.

How do we do this? How do we find a new way of being?

Intuitive spiritual awareness. Energetically seeing beneath the surface at what is real and owning our ability to let go, create and BE.

It requires a shift from being ungrounded and scattered to centered and present.

Learning tools to ground your body and energy is essential for wellbeing and creating a new way.

  • Meditate daily. Learn to bring your attention inward so you can become aware of your inner voice.

  • Separate. Learn what is your energy so that you can separate from other people’s demands, expectations, and desires for you.

  • Let go. Release the energy of your day by letting go of all that you have absorbed.

  • Feel your feet on the earth and connect with this present moment.

  • Be here now. Notice that your body is always in present time. Allow your energy, emotions, thoughts, to match your body and bring your attention into this moment.

  • Shift from struggle to gratitude to create flow and ease which allows you to connect with abundance.

Developing your intuition and learning energy tools is the new way to create a life that is fluid, joyful, empowering, and free.

It is tapping into and allowing the most capable part of you to guide your life, giving rest to the body and personal power to the soul.


I would love to hear from you… What are you seeking a new way for? Comment below!