Have you ever struggled with feeling grounded, focused, centered, or at peace?

Like your day or life is happening to you instead of you creating it?

I did too, and I still have those days which makes me so thankful for the skills, tools, and awareness I have cultivated in my life to help me feel like I have it more together and not scattered about.

I remember when I wanted to feel focused, fluid and joyful, connected, with a deep trust in myself - not scattered and rigid and barely holding on.

But, honestly, it was a frequent struggle until I finally learned how to energetically ground, how to see myself as spirit and know what energy - thoughts, emotions, visions, etc - are mine and what are other people's.

When we become more aware of self and our abilities (intuitive and energetic) and learn how to ground and meditate we disengage from all of the demands of life, and everything shifts.

This #1 thing is THE most important thing you may want to consider before you make big decisions, turn to solutions outside of yourself or go to others to find your answers.

Do this instead of self-medicating or believing the lies that you can't trust yourself, you're not capable enough, or that you just have to deal with what your day hands you and be ruled by the chaos and scatteredness of it all.

I invite you to do this tonight before you go to bed and tomorrow before you start your day.

  • Ground yourself.

  • Collect your energy from all the places it is scattered.

  • Go inward.

  • Meditate.

  • Ground out all the noise and collect up your energy.

Here is a meditation as a gift to help support you on this journey called life.

I hope you find it helpful.

And if you need to collect yourself and ground before you have the time to close your eyes and listen to this meditation...

Here are some simple tools you can use wherever you are at any time to ground yourself and let go of allllll the energy you are carrying that is not yours and call back your attention to yourself in the present moment.

Close your eyes right where you are and just for a few minutes (or less or more) imagine the following...

  1. Feel your feet on the ground. Focus on the connection between the soles of your feet and the earth. Allow for gravity to pull out of your space all the energy you are ready to release that is not serving you.

  2. Image the top of your head as a lighthouse. A beacon that calls back all of your energy from the places it is scattered. Imagine your energy collecting into a bright gold sphere above your head and allow that gold light to fill in your body from the top of your head to your toes.

The more you give yourself permission to receive and believe in the power of these simple visualizations, the more they will support you and the more "real" it will feel.

If you...

Imagine it.


Believe it.

Then you...

Heal it.

All day long we are collecting energy. Conversations with other people, projects, responsibilities, expectations, stress - which is other people's energy in your space.

When we care for our energy and spiritual selves by grounding and releasing this energy, we come back home to ourselves and create space to hear our inner voice and know ourselves.

More aware, alert, calm and collected able to respond vs react.

I have created an entire 12-week mentorship class to support you in learning energy management tools, intuitive development, and meditation.

It activates your ability to see below the surface, creates deep self-awareness, and honestly just brings your magic into everyday life.

It is life changing, skills-based learning, and experiential, not just learning about concepts but experiencing them for yourself creating habits and evolving.

The Intuitive Life Mentorship intimate group program begins soon (click HERE).

If you feel intrigued or called to explore this with me, please fill out the form by clicking the Exploratory Application and we will find a time to connect to see if this is your best next step.

I am honored to support you on your journey!

Listen to the meditation today... a lot of times we hear the words grounding and meditating and think we know what is meant.

I want to offer a simple yet powerful perspective and an actual experience so you know what it feels like in the body not just as an intellectual definition but as a unique experience.

Trust me, you’ll thank me for it.

As always, ask me any questions you have. I’m here for you.

Much love,

Aimee Leigh