There are times in life that we feel so foreign to ourselves. Almost uncomfortable in our own bodies. Like we don’t belong or at least the person who we are being every day isn’t familiar.

Soon that foreign person starts to become our identity. We think it is us. And the people surrounding us, the responsibilities, the labels we have adopted all validate that this is the new version of ourselves.

However, in this new version of self, are we still connected to the essence of who we truly are regardless of who we are around or what the environment is.

There is always a constant thread, a rhythmic pulse that is true no matter what our external world consists of.

This constant is our true essence. It is who we are as spirit, in our core.

As life goes on, this connection to our essence can become foggy or even disconnected. We forget the lightheartedness and fearlessness we once led our lives with. We don’t see ourselves as creative or brave any longer. And maybe we view ourselves in a way that negates the truth of who we are.

This disconnect is easy to have happen and takes practice, awareness, and grace to nurture it and keep it alive.

The disconnect can happen when we take the new job, invite beautiful children into our lives, get married or in relationship. We disconnect because we strive to fit into the picture or the version others want us to be to belong, satisfy, or make others happy. Or we disconnect because we become so full of energy that is not ours - expectations, demands, opinions, judgments, etc.

We forget our own true desires and find it difficult to know what it is we even want.

In this process, we are no longer living in the present moment. We are not present with ourselves or with what is in front of us.

Here are 6 ways to connect back to who you are and feel more like yourself:

  1. First thing in the morning when you wake, say hello to you. This starts your day off connected to yourself. You can even imagine yourself moving through the day before you and see yourself staying connected and doing, saying, and being the way that is true to you. See yourself expressing your unique energetic essence.

  2. Reminisce about who you used to be. Focus on how you felt. Those moments you were so in present time that time stood still. Those times you felt whole, grounded, connected, and centered. Content with yourself.

  3. Journal on those times. Write down the adjectives to describe yourself and the feelings associated with the adjectives.

  4. Look at your life in the present day and how you see yourself. Do you still find yourself to express in these ways? Do you find that once you were fluid and went with the flow and now you feel rigid and a bit controlling? When you notice where in your being things have shifted, it provides places for you to look and bring attention to so you can make changes if you desire.

  5. Validate yourself + claim who you are. Write down who you know yourself to be. How you feel. How you operate in the world. What you experience. And most of all how you experience yourself.

  6. Have your back + be your own best friend. Once you remember who you are, have a practice in place to connect to yourself daily, be it meditation (I highly recommend), movement, art, a long walk, or whatever else calls to you.

One of the most powerful abilities we have is our awareness. Self-awareness of what we are feeling, thinking, and doing gives us the ability to create change by noticing and then choosing to shift our feelings, thoughts, or actions.

When we create space energetically, we set ourselves up for expansive awareness and are able to be more present, more connected with ourselves.

So those days that you just don’t feel like yourself, instead of it defining you and being a problem, let it be a validation of how capable you are, the self-awareness you have, and your ability to let go of what is creating the fog and interfering with the connection to yourself.

Know that you are still in there and commit to allowing your unique essence to shine every day.

A couple of resources for you:

  • I am excited to offer the Intuitive Life Mentorship program again beginning soon (or join the waitlist). Life changing experience where you will learn tools, skills, perspectives and a new way of being. I invite you to explore this opportunity with me.

  • If you want to learn more about if developing your intuition (elevating your awareness) is a good next step for you, click here to read how you might know + watch a video interview in the middle of the page discribing how intuition and energy work can support you in connecting to yourself.