Are you feeling stuck? Feet glued to the floor and a lack of movement in your life?

We have all been there. Those times when we so desperately want to feel something different, see a new perspective and have movement towards change.

But no matter how hard we try, how much talking or doing, we stay stuck in the same space.

Most of the time it will be a potent energy that has a grasp on different aspects of our lives. So we may feel stuck in our relationship, career, or health and the same questions keeps coming back to review over and over again.

Maybe we have thought we found an answer, but the same issue keeps rearing its head keeping us stuck.

Clients come to me all the time with a feeling of being stuck in their lives. Stuck in the feeling of nothing new, same problem, same old thing, same patterns, same emotions.

We crave passion, aliveness, and answers to questions that we know hold the key to our wellbeing. We desire to take the next step but we are unclear as to what direction to go so we stay right where we are. Feet planted, motionless, feeling stuck.

There are a few patterns I see in this cycle.

  • The pain of where we are.

  • The desperate feeling of needing something to change.

  • The defeat felt from a lack of clarity on what to even do about it.

  • Which leads back to the pain of our reality.

This cycle keeps us stuck.

Another way to describe this cycle is the resistance felt when we recognize where we are, the effort put forth in trying to create change and the combination of resistance and effort in the defeat from the lack of clarity phase.

Resistance to what is and effort to make it not so.

Resistance and effort cause energy to become paralyzed. There is no movement when we are in either of these energies. It is only in neutrality that energy can flow and we can create change and heal.

Think about times when you so desperately wanted something. It’s like the old saying that you will not find your dream partner if you are desperately seeking them, only when you are content within yourself will they appear.

This doesn’t mean we sit back and do nothing. It does mean when we have our attention inside ourselves and accept what is it allows energy to flow. We then have access to our wisest self, our inner wisdom that informs our mind of what actions to take.

When we are in the survival energy of resistance or effort, we are cut off from our wise minds, intuition, and our spiritual communication. We cling on to what we want hoping that will save us and we push away what is because of the pain.

Neutrality is not agreeing with what is. It is simply having the ability to observe it for what it really is without judgment or emotion. Just to see it.

This simple act is the first step in creating change and getting unstuck.

We don’t have to like what we see but we need to be real with ourselves and acknowledge the truth.

How do we cultivate neutrality to support change?

Neutrality is an energy state and creates a sensation in the body.

  • Imagine bringing the energy of resistance into your space, what does if feel like? What color is it? How does it make you feel?

  • Imagine bringing the energy of effort into your space, what does it feel like? What color is it? How does it make you feel?

  • Now imagine bringing the energy of neutrality into your space, your body, what does it feel like? What color is it? How does it make you feel?

  • What are the differences in the energies as you experience them?

These simple ways of relating to being stuck can help you shift your experience instantaneously.

When you are neutral you have access to more information. You see clearly and can find new perspectives followed by answers and action you can take to support your desire for change.

The second step in getting unstuck is forgiving and letting go.

After you see it neutrally for what it is you then have a choice. The choice to hold on to whatever puts you into resistance and effort or release it, let it go.

Sometimes our minds can be so busy with why we shouldn’t let go, how holding on will keep us safe or brings justice. Our minds are meant to do this. They want us safe and alive. Emotions can trigger thoughts that keep us in this stuck pattern.

I invite you to imagine it is much simpler.

  • Imagine that which you desire to release as a color, a sensation, a vibration. Imagine all of that energy to flow outside of your body, out of your energy system and release it.

The third step is seeing what you do want to create. Where you want to go and what the first step is.

  • Imagine the vibration, sensation, feeling that you want to experience in your new growth. When you become unstuck what do you want it to look like?

  • Imagine the color or even a picture that represents your next step. Bring it into the body. Let it saturate your energy system.

Even if you do not have clear intellectual steps to take, trust that you have your answer and imagine that color to support you on your path of moving from stuck to fluid.

We are more capable than we know. Our imagination is limitless and powerful. When we allow ourselves to be in a state of flow, we can heal and create extraordinary lives.

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