Emotions and feelings guide us. They initiate action or inaction. They have the power to create our experience and dictate the sensations in our body, the openness of our hearts, and perpetuate thoughts which leads to actions (which sometimes are not the most positive or supportive).

Learning to witness what you are feeling is essential to self-growth and creating change in patterns that keep you stuck. The key to this is seeing emotions for what they are.

Emotions are energy. They are the communication of your body to your soul.

When you view emotions as energy, distance is created and you are able to observe them vs swim in them.

This allows you to move through the emotion instead of becoming attached and stuck in the emotion.

How many times have you become stuck in fear or sadness? The thoughts and emotions seem to be on replay circling your mind and body over and over again. This is a vicious cycle that requires tools and self-awareness to shift.

How to energetically manage emotions:

  1. Notice the way you speak of your emotions. Do you tend to speak of it as if the emotion was you? We tend to think we are the emotion. That “I am sad” or “I am fearful”. Instead, shifting our verbiage to simply say “I am experiencing sadness” or “I am experiencing fear” automatically creates space for you to become the observer which is empowering vs the emotion itself which can be overwhelming and defeating.

  2. Notice the emotions that you are scared to be with and accept. Do you tend to avoid certain emotions? Learning to be with an emotion releases resistance to feel it and effort to change it. There are no bad emotions. Emotion is the language of the body offering information and showing you places to look that need your attention. See the emotions as supportive and change your relationship to them with welcoming arms and a grateful heart.

  3. Trust yourself that you can manage and witness any emotion. The emotion itself you will survive, it is the thoughts and pictures the emotion is stirring up that becomes debilitating. Find a neutral place and allow yourself to experience whatever emotion/energy that is moving through you and watch how quickly you can clear it when you are more neutral to it.

  4. Be present with the emotion. Listen for the information and wisdom it is sharing. Be with it. Sit down and have a cup of tea and dive into a conversation where it can share what it has to reveal about your life or a circumstance. Notice the thoughts that come up while in conversation. Choose supportive thoughts and continue to witness it as energy, not as something that defines you. Look for the wisdom and focus on that.

  5. See yourself as the boss, not the emotion. Are you in charge or is the emotion? Notice if the emotion feels bigger than you. Really it is the thoughts and pictures that are in the past or in the future that keeps you paralyzed from shifting the feeling or taking action that would be supportive. Imagine shrinking the emotion down to the size of your palm. Hold it in your hand energetically and see how much bigger you are than it.

  6. Take inspired action to release energy. Take a walk, dance, yoga, or any movement helps the body to release energy and emotion. Asking yourself what one action can you do in the moment to shift the energy and do it. This will create not only healing, but it will also create self-trust showing yourself that you are the boss, not the emotion and that you can trust your ability take care of you and change what you are experiencing for the better while learning the lessons and gaining wisdom.

How empowering to know that your experience is yours to create.

How empowering to know what you feel does not define you, it is an energy that moves through you.

How empowering to know that emotions and feelings are speaking to you sharing wisdom and information.

When we shift our perspective of emotions and feelings and see them as wisdom and information we stop resisting and find gratitude for our capabilities to connect with our wisdom and shift our experience.


What emotion do you resist the most? How do you manage your emotions?

Comment below, I want to hear from you!