Do you wish you had more peace in your life? Trust that things are going to be more than ok? Do you wish you knew with all your being that you can handle anything that comes your way + create whatever it is you truly desire?

I think we all do. 

Our inner voice has such an impact on our ability to make these things a reality.

What does your inner voice say to you? Is it kind and supportive or disruptive and even downright destructive?

How we see ourselves, talk to ourselves, and which voice we believe has everything to do with our ability to create profound overall wellbeing. 

If our inner voice is telling us we aren't good enough, can't do it, are too lazy, unkind, not attractive enough, or smart enough, and we listen to it as if it were true.... then guess what... we will not find inner peace, trust of self, or empowerment.

We will stay in the negative, limiting, smallness of ourselves spiraling down the energy vortex of gloom.

Yet if we can learn to become aware of our inner voice, know how to decipher what is true and what is not, learn we have the choice to listen to whichever voice we want + the capability to energetically clear the lies, and listen to our wisdom.... then we have the power to become who we are meant to be....

The limitless, expansive, creative, being and find ourselves spiraling up the energy vortex of inspiration and joy cultivating peace and serenity.

Here are some ways that you can shift your downward spiral of the negative inner voice to the inspiring upward spiral:

  1. Observe your thoughts. Practice watching your thoughts as an energy. You can imagine each thought on a little boat floating past you on a river as sit on the river bank observing the thought that floats by.

  2. Give your thought a color. Thoughts are energy. Sometimes they can be sticky and tangle you into a web as you try to clear or change it. If you see it as a color, it is easier to see it separate from you, not as who you are.  

  3. Feel your body. Notice when your feelings shift. When you go from feeling good and inspired one moment to feeling bad or discouraged the next. This is a clue that a thought (an energy) just got lite up that you can track to change.

  4.  Change your relationship with it. Recognize that inner voice that instills fear may be trying to help. It is doing a really good job trying to keep you "safe". See that is it just an energy and that you are senior to it. It has no power unless you believe it and act on it. A lot of times it is old programming from childhood with good intentions from parents or teachers. Sometimes it is beliefs we have absorbed from those around us. You are wiser and know what is true for you.

  5. Cultivate a deep sense of self-awareness. With practice and tools, you will be able to hone this skill in a way that you can recognize your own voice without a doubt. The more you listen to yourself, the more clear, certain, and trusting you become.

  6. Change it. Once you become aware of the thought, you then have the ability to change it. Choose a positive thought along with a positive empowering image and/or color of that thought to replace the negative.

Truly listening to your inner voice and knowing the difference between what is your energy and what is not is a skill and takes practice. 

Simply putting, your attention on it is the first step. 

Listening, taking action, and trusting yourself creates a deep relationship with yourself that starts to clear all the other energy/thoughts/feelings/visions that aren't true.

One simple rule I go by, if my inner voice is telling me something that feels punishing, limiting, contracting, or alienating, I know it is not my truth, not MY inner voice.

Our inner voice that is true will always be loving, encouraging, inspiring, and bring a sense of peace.


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