The discombobulating morning hustle, we've all been there.

The alarm buzzes and you jump out of bed, after a few snoozes, only to rush into your day. Feeling already behind, you stumble into the bathroom, shower, brush your teeth, throw something on, grab a cup of coffee and are out the door before you are even fully awake. 

These are the days that are completely overwhelming. That mad rush sets the tone for the rest of the day, which of course, is experienced all day long. The rush, the pressure, the stress, the push, push, push, and feeling already behind. 

I know this may be an extreme case, however, most of us do not have an intentional morning routine that sets us up energetically for a grounded, joyful, empowered day.

Now imagine, a morning where you gently wake. Keep your eyes closed for a moment. Start to engage your senses, listening to the sounds of the room, possibly even the birds chirping, connecting to the rhythm of your breathing, noticing the bed supporting and holding you as you gently come back in to your body from your dream space, taking deep breaths that fill your belly and reconnect you to the present moment. 

Possibly playing out the day in your mind’s eye, exploring three things you are super grateful for while acknowledging all that is good and connecting with the enthusiasm and creativity you desire to express in that day.

After that point, you gently open your eyes, place your feet on the floor, consciously and in the present moment. 

This simple act of reconnecting to yourself in the morning before even hopping out of bed can substantially change the trajectory of your entire experience of the day. 

To take it a step further, after stretching or moving the body, a cup of tea or coffee, and your morning meditation, you are ready to start your day centered, grounded, and purposeful with your intuition activated simply be being present and connected to your own energy. 

There are so many demands and pressures on us every day. Being able to disconnect from the responsibilities and expectations of others and the demands and judgments we put on ourselves gives space to connect with the moment with who we are without all those responsibilities. It opens the doorway for us to experience our lives from a completely different place. 

It's where we shift from feeling scattered and stressed all the time to centered and grounded. It's where we shift from our day happening to us, to us creating our day and responding to what it presents. 

Morning routines can look so very different. There isn't a recipe for the perfect morning routine. It really is an intuitive personal process to ask yourself and be real with what is it that you need to start your day in a way that best serves you. 

Here are a few suggestions for your morning routine:

  • Meditate.

  • Journal.

  • Move your body.

  • Take a bath in salts.

  • Dry brush.

  • Read something inspiring.

  • Take a walk.

  • Breathwork.

  • Create art.

  • Just be.

  • Tea as a ceremony.

Really our morning routine starts the night before. When we have our spiritual energetic bookends of morning and evening routines, sacred rituals, ways of being that honor the beginning and ending of our days they partner and work together, creating a fluid experience of wellbeing.

When you end your day having a routine which nourishes you, it makes a statement to yourself and to the universe that it is time for you to separate, disengage from all of the things you've been working on through the day. It gives you space. Again, just to experience yourself without all of the labels and responsibilities is a huge gift and healing. 

Simply lighting a candle and enjoying an end of day evening meditation to clear the energy from your day helps you to transition into sleep time without bringing all of that energy into your dream space. It allows you to get out of the processing of the mind and into a deeper sleep. 

Sleep is where the body rests and heals and you as a being, as spirit, gets to go play, learn and maybe even fly. If you desire your dream space to be enjoyable and healing, the more you clear your energy from the day, the more you'll be free from the mental chatter.

When we do not clear the energy from our day we may find ourselves processing what you watched on television, the conversations from the day, the projects, and so on. Meditating before sleep helps you get below the surface and healing happens. 

Think of it as spiritual energetic hygiene. The more consistent you manage your energy and clear your space, the less accumulates and the easier it is to do so. You find yourself in less resistance and soon crave it. When we practice morning and night, these spiritual energetic bookends, allow a continual flow of energy. It keeps us clear, connected, and centered which is how we best can activate our intuition.

There is space for us to hear our inner voice, feel the energy and the information the energy is sharing, for us to be aware of our visions, and create certainty, confidence and a deep internal knowing.

Here are a few suggestions for an evening routine:

  • Light a candle.

  • Reflect on your day.

  • Name three things you are most grateful for.

  • Write all of the thoughts and to-do’s on paper to get it out of your space.

  • Take a salt bath with essential oils.

  • Dance.

  • Stretch.

  • Walk.

  • Meditate.

  • Journal.

  • Read.

Which ones call to you? Let your routines be created by your intuition. Go towards what feels good and provides a sense of overall wellbeing.

Who knew that our evening and morning routines could have such an impact on our entire life. 

I would love to hear about your expereince with implementing your spiritual energetic bookends into your morning and evening routines. Send me an email at

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