Self love is knowing yourself and not judging what you see.

Being neutral and loving without getting hooked in by the messy, sticky parts.

It’s being able to see the imperfections, hear the unpopular thoughts, know the dreams and wishes you hold while giving yourself space to be exactly where you are.

Without pushing or rushing to change what is.

Self love is accepting where you are and lovingly guiding yourself with each step you wish to take.

When we cultivate this practice we are able to offer it to others as well.

We remove the criticism and judgment we find ourselves swimming in.

We are able to see where our friend, client, family member, or stranger is and allow them space to be right where they are.

No judgment, no criticism, no hurry up and change.

And that is where the magic is... allowing ourselves and others to be exactly where we are is the medicine to create change fluidly, without effort.

We are that capable. To neutrality (lovingly) bring our awareness to something automatically begins the shift of change and healing.

I see healing as just that, allowing someone to be right where they are without judgement. And we all crave this. To be seen and be enough even in all our imperfections.

The energy is seen without effort or resistance and begins to flow.

Here are some prompts to support you on your journey of self love.

  • What do you judge in yourself (or others)?

  • Where can you get curious and just notice what is?

  • What do you notice when you become aware of the thougths, feelings, sensations, visions?

  • Do you feel the space you create when you allow yourself to just be with it instead of needing to force it to be different?

  • What answers come in?

Neutrality is a skill that when practiced becomes a way of being. Learning to find the vibration and use this lens to view yourself, others and life from, is key to healing, growing, and living joyfully.

Being kind to yourself with deep self compassion nurtures your soul in a way that allows past and current wounds to heal.

We start to become aware of the beauty in the cracks and embrace parts of us that we have turned our backs on. This is in body, mind, and soul. When we embrace imperfections we then can love all of us, which is the greatest form of self love.