I remember in my early 20’s I was invited to be a part of a women’s book club. I was so excited with the thought of having close girlfriends and being a part of something, of belonging, being normal.

However, when I went to these women filled gatherings, my experience was completely different than what I hoped it would be like. I was super quiet, uncomfortable and just sat wanting to go home.

I watched other women laugh and connect but I just didn’ know how. Something in my body made it feel unsafe.

This was so challenging because I deeply desired to have trust, love, and joy within relationships and sisterhood.

But I didn’t know how to create it. I didn’t know why I felt so uncomfortable and like I did not belong.

As time went on, I sought healing and to understand this fear and inability to be me, relax and enjoy women’s gathering.

I participated in a year-long Wise Woman’s Intuitive Program to heal and work energetically and spiritually alongside other women with the same intention. To heal the collective competition, judgment, the lies that we don’t belong, the fear of knowing ourselves as the powerful women we are.

Even simply sitting in a room full of women who have the same intention of healing and creating safe space is a profound energetic healing.

Fast forward many years and many gatherings and I can’t imagine not being in sisterhood. Not only do I participate but have been holding space for women to come together for years.

Now I love being in sisterhood and know on a cellular level the meaning and experience of it.

Sisterhood is essential.

It creates support and elevates each woman to a higher version of herself. It is a safe space to explore, excavate and dream big with celebrated inspired action to create.

Sisterhood is everywhere…

  • It is in the grocery store when you see the mom trying to manage her toddler’s tantrum and you give her a smile and an “I’ve been there too sister and you have got this!” look instead of a judging eye.

  • It is at work when she gets the promotion that you desperately wanted and with a sincere heart tell her she deserves it and you are so happy for her.

  • It is when her book is published before yours and you are the first in line to buy it.

  • It is being there for the same conversation she is processing again and again as if it were the first time she shared about it and lovingly supporting her through it.

  • It is when you are having the worst day and she calls crying and you listen to her putting your angst aside for the moment.

  • It is in dancing in the rain and playing in the ocean as free spirits in celebration of life and each other.

  • It is sitting in circle holding space listening, asking potent questions, and seeing her as the brilliant soul she is.

  • It is reflecting the capable, brilliant, luminous soul she is back to her always.

I feel like I have entered a new level of being able to have sisterhood. It has taken the practice of asking and allowing myself to receive. I can honestly say that I know if I need something, if I need support, want to celebrate, or desire reflection, so many amazing women would be there for me and do so with joy and enthusiasm.

I do that in return, enthused to do so.

If you desire healthy relationships with women and want to heal the hidden energetic programming that activates seperation I invite you to ask these questions and take action on the answers.

  • Where can you call upon sisterhood to support you in your life?

  • How can you show up to engage in sisterhood?

  • What thought would you need to replace to allow yourself to be open to a deeper connection?

  • What wound do you need to bring into the present time and release?

  • What is your first step to cultivating a deeper ability to receive and lovingly give?

Humans are meant to be connected. Belonging and community is esssential to our well being emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I have an invitation for you...

Do you want to gather and feel the safety and potency of gathering to elevate your desires and dreams? To validate you and celebrate what you will create.

You will leave changed. That I can promise.

Join me + an intimate group of 8 amazing women to experience group coaching, a sister circle, personal spiritual + energetic communication + perspective on where you are and what you are creating, + oracle card readings, all to create clarity and strategy to experience life beyond what you could imagine. 

Together we will illuminate our magic power exploring intuition + action. We will focus on igniting our female energy to propel us forward in life without effort or resistance but with joy, and grace.

Connect with your intuition to activate your deep knowing and innate ability to see what is possible so that you may create it.

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Soulful Women’s Day