What Is Intuition + How can it change your life?

Intuition is a part of us - a part of you. It is a channel which we perceive from and when we do, we become are aware of and experience a whole other world unseen to the naked eye. A world in which there is so much information, love, support, wisdom all around. When connected and in flow with this world, it alleviates fear, resistance, and struggle to figure it all out.

When you nourish and create a relationship with your intuition it changes everything.

Just like the relationship with your body. When you listen to the body and respond when it is hungry, tired, or needs movement, you have a beautiful relationship with it enhancing your over all well being. If you don’t listen to your body, you may become ill, or have no energy to get through the day or do the things you love. Your life can be challenging and unfullfilling.

Listening to your intution and the information it is sharing gives you insight and access to internal wisdom, flow, and awareness that otherwise is not accesisible.

We are meant to be living a life that is full of aliveness, to be in relationships that are full of love, to be experiencing our days in the momement bringing joy, creativity, and abundance.

So many of us are living half lived lifes, in half loved relatiionships, in rushed days that we are not even really experiencing leaving us anxious, stressed and in fear.

I teach you how to open the channel of your intuition. To amplify that part of you that is laying dormant or only partially tapped into. I lead you on your journey to become more of who you are, removing one label at a time as you liberate your intuition and claim your key into the world of multi dimensions. One which has so much depth and richness, wisdom, your answers, guidance, peace and is the authentic part of you.

When you start to listen to your intuition, you validate yourself. As you trust yourself, your intuition becomes clearer every day guiding you and helping you to find your own answers.

Is it difficult to know the difference between your emotions and someone else’s? Have you ever been in a great mood and then talked to someone who is in a difficult situation? Do you then walk away feeling the emotions of that person as if the situation was happening to you? Learn how to help others without becoming the effect of their situation.  When someone is drowning, do you jump in with them or do you stay on shore and help them to climb out of the water?

"Have you ever just known something off the top of you head and was not sure how you knew it? This is your intuition, your ability to read the energy."

Have you ever walked into a room and known that something was just not right, could you feel the tension in the air or the tension between two people without a word being spoken? This is your intuition, your gut, reading the energy in the room.

Have you ever just known something off the top of you head and was not sure how you knew it? This is your intuition, your ability to read the energy.

Have you ever thought of a person you have not been in contact with for awhile and then they call that day? This is your intuition, your ability to be aware of communication with spirit.

Through classes, workshops and one on one work offered with Soul Happy you will learn how to validate your own intuitive awareness and be your own guide.

"Ready to feed your soul, nourish your desire to grow & connect with your authentic-self?"


Meditation is the main tool used in discovering your intuition. This type of meditation is experienced seated in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. This style brings you into your body allowing you to become more aware of self, your unique energy and ultimately what is your energy - problem, feeling, situation, vibe - and what is not yours.

We tend to take responsibility for energy that we come in contact with every day that gets stuck in our personal space.

Built up stress is the result. Stress is other people's energy, or any energy that is not yours, in your space. 

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend who is going through a hard time. At the end of your time together you may find yourself feeling like she does, feeling like you are going through the same thing? 

You have matched her energy and her energy is in your space. It is a natural, not a good thing or a bad thing, just is. It is the way energy works. However, the more clear you are of others energy the more room there is for your energy to vibrate resulting in more peace, joy, clarity, empowerment and the list goes on.

Awareness is powerful. Once you are aware of something you get to make a choice; stay enmeshed energetically with your friends or release her energy out of your space and back to her. This is a healing for both. As when you release others energy out of your space you give them more of their fabulous energy to thrive on and you have more space to vibrate in your truth.

"Meditation is the main tool used in discovering your intuition. This type of meditation is experienced seated in a chair with your feet flat on the floor."

It is kinda like a cloudy day. The sun is still there, bright as can be, you just can't see it because the clouds are so thick. Imagine your light - you, your spirit, your joy - is the sun and the clouds are energy that is not yours. Like the guy in traffic that was so angry. Or all of your co workers gossip. Or your toddlers tantrum.

When you meditate the clouds clear, you release the energy that you picked up through out the day. Grounding, in meditation, gives that energy a place to go - to its source and out of your space.

There is no effort in it. It is a natural process and when you put your attention on your spiritual tools - dedicate time to go inward - it simply and effectively clears the clouds. And the sun is so bright, capable, brilliant, fabulous, certain and clear. It is you.

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