I am so grateful I joined Aimee’s Intuitive Business Mentorship earlier this year. I bought a yoga studio in 2017 and right when the program started I had begun to make some big changes to the business. While taking ownership of the business and shifting the status quo felt true and honest to me it also brought up fear and self-doubt. The support that Aimee provided as well as the the support of the other women in the circle was invaluable. When I faced doubt and fear they were able to reflect back to me strength and power, helping me to trust myself. The tools Aimee taught us in the mentorship to access our inner knowing are deceptively powerful. They seem so simple and yet I credit them for helping me to create the business my Soul was here to create. While I loved my time in the circle, the true value of this Mentorship continues to reveal itself to me months later as I use Aimee’s tools on a daily basis.