Intuitive Journey Mentorship


Intuitive Journey Mentorship


Intuitive Mentorship - Private 3 Month Experience

Yes I Am Ready!


  • Personalized three-month journey with a 60 minute session every other week in person, phone, or over Zoom

  • Whatsapp communication between sessions for continual support and reflection (with boundaries and agreements)

  • Sessions are fluid and go between readings, coaching and learning energy work while developing a skill set of meditation

  • Access to ELEVATE online course for intuitive development and learning to work with energy

  • Journal prompts, weekly insight and inspiration will be emailed to you weekly to support your journey through Elevate

  • Learn about your intuition, what it is, how it speaks to you, how to trust it and take action on it, you have your answer

  • Learn to let your intuition be your inner compass and guiding light, you are never alone, trust yourself

  • Learn personalized energy management tools to support you in what you are creating and moving through

  • Experience your energy system, how to ground, how to create boundaries and define your space (both physically & spiritually)

  • Learn tools on how to create a mockup and manifest what you desire

  • Recorded sessions are yours to keep so you can listen to them again and again

  • We will work intuitively meaning what ever is present for you is where we will focus creating clarity, change, and empowerment


This program is meant for those who...

  • Crave more in life, know there is more out there and has an insatiable curiosity

  • Have had experiences that you are not sure how to explain but know magic and spirit are at the root

  • Feel, hear, sense, know or see things that there is no intellectual way to reason your experience

  • Have a desire to know yourself deeper, trust your inner voice and be your own guide

  • Want to trust and develop your internal compass, leading your life from that place

  • Have clarity on who you are, what you desire and what steps to take to create

  • Separate the enmeshed energy of others from your space

The intuitive journey mentorship


This three month mentorship experience will guide you into living your life aligned with your truth, your soul's purpose, your heart's desires.

Together we will experience time together either in person at my lovely space in historic downtown Folsom California or over Zoom video conferencing from the comfort of your space. In our first session together we will identify the sky's view of what you would like to shift, change and create in your life. We will define a theme and intention for our time together, creating a grounded space for you to come back to during our time together.

Each session, we will explore and focus on what is truest for you in the moment.  We will work fluidly within the grounded container created to hold the intention and journey.  Each session can look different based on what is present for you - whether it is a reading that is desired, learning personalized energy work - meditation and visulaizations connecting you to your inner wisdom and intuition, or open eyed communication untethering the knots that you are working through, creating empowerment, peace and clarity. From that place of grounded clarity we will create a map on moving forward, taking clear actions to support your growth.

  • You may feel so overwhelmed and scattered.

  • Possibly you feel like you are just going through the motions doing all the things you are “supposed” to be doing but still feel unfullfilled.

  • Maybe you don’t even know what you want but are ready to not feel stuck anymore.

  • Maybe you are in a place of transisition in life and desire deep support through the change.

  • Maybe you feel everything others feel to the point of taking it on and depleting yourself and maybe you have wabbling boundaries wanting to learn how to hold personal boundaries as well as learn to identify what is your truth, emotion, desire vs everyone else's.

  • Or you are healing from something in the past and see how energy work and developing your intuition can move you through the change more gracefully and swiftly.

  • Possibly you are in a place of massive growth and up leveling, desiring to step into this vision more quickly and consiocusly. Maybe you have reached a point of aching for something more in your life.

  • You have a deep sense that there is more of you to connect with and you desire to explore and learn about energy, intuition and you as spirit in a body.

  • Perhaps your business needs some care and adjustment and you desire to create it from your vision, out of competition, bringing you back to why you started it in the first place and getting clear on where you want to take it.

  • Possibly you have clear vision and the momentum is happening, it is growing, and you are in fear of being able to birth it, hold it, nurture it and allow for your business and passion to flourish.

  • Maybe you are ready for your business to expand exponetially and would like support, guidance, and mentoring in doing so with intution, energy and intellect.

I would be honored to be by your side, mentoring you, supporting you, and celebrating you in ways you have not experienced. I see your gifts and brilliance and will reflect them back to you helping you fully become your truest most radiant self. Letting go of what holds you back. Letting go of what is not you, the lies, the programming, the labels, the limiting box you sit in (not matter how big it is, there is alwasy another box to break out of). When we see this and recognize it is not a desitantion but more an in-the-moment-journey of experiencing life then we give ourselves permission to actually experience our senses and embody our power and live our lifes. 

We will create your life and/or business from a place of authenticity, ease, certainty, clairty, and deep intrinsic joy. Most importantly, you will experience a shift so slight yet so profound of learning to experience the moment. This is where you have access to your intuition, your wisdom, your joy.

Recieve access to the Intuitive Life Self Study program (ELEVATE) with recorded meditations, journal prompts and other tools to support you on this journey.

I would be honored to work with you - holding you and your process sacred.