The Truthseeker - Single Session Intuitive Reading

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The Truthseeker - Single Session Intuitive Reading


The Truthseeker 


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During our time together, in this sixty minute session, you will receive spiritual, energetic perspective and communication opening the gateway to deeper transformational work.

Sometimes it's challenging to be objective about what you are experiencing in your life—from your business to relationships and to all you are creating. I will look at your energetic field and illuminate areas that will help you grow, heal and find clairty.

I have the ability to see the energy as pictures or movie reals that play before me showing me the information to share. These images as I describe them to you refect back to you your personal power, radiance and wisdom. It is like saying hello to the very core of you validating your capability and reminding you who you are as a being, and that you hold your answers.

You are a wise being.

We will flow in and out of communiation, sprinkeled with silence and healing. I will do most of the speaking as you sit with your eyes open and your feet resting on the floor recieving what is true for you. As we move through what comes forward, we energetically release what is not you and validate the core of you, inviting your energy to be at the healm leading the way in your life.

Finding an energetic spirititual perspective on questions and life situations gives peace, clarity, empowerment and a view of your next steps to take to support your journey. 

The insight and communcation is very powerful in helping you see situations from a soul perspective. It supports you in making authentic decisions, being confindent or senior in your space, taking action, embodying your personal power and feel like your true self.Align with your core truths and the path of your heart.

Create change. Heal.

Find clarity and validation supporitng you on your path.  Become unstuck from the patterns, thoughts and actions that hold you back. We will deprogram what is not your truth and walk away with clarity on situations that have been foggy. Find your own answers and connect with your intuition. Heal so you can experience what you desire in your life.

We will meet in person at my sanctuary in historic downtown Folsom California or over Zoom video conferencing. Both are equally effective and sacred. I would be honored to support you on your journey.

*Zoom or in person. Recording of the session provided if you would like


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