Enjoy this basic grounding meditation (click here).

This type of meditation is experienced seated in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. This style brings you into your body allowing you to become more aware of self, your unique energy and ultimately what is your energy—problem, feeling, situation, vibe—and what is not yours. We tend to take responsibility for energy that we come in contact with every day that gets stuck in our personal space. Built up stress is the result. Stress is other people's energy, or any energy that is not yours, in your space. 

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend who is going through a hard time. At the end of your time together you may find yourself feeling like she does. Feeling like you are going through the same thing. You have matched her energy and her energy is in your space. It is a natural, not a good thing or a bad thing, just is. It is not a problem. However the more clear you are of others energy the more room there is for your energy to vibrate resulting in more peace, joy, clarity, empowerment and the list goes on.

It is kinda like a cloudy day. The sun is still there, bright as can be, you just can't see it because the clouds are so thick. Imagine your light - you, your spirit, your joy - is the sun and the clouds are energy that is not yours. Like the guy in traffic that was so angry. Or all of your co workers gossip. Or your toddlers tantrum.

When you meditate the clouds clear, you release the energy that you picked up through out the day. Grounding, in meditation, gives that energy a place to go - to its source and out of your space. There is no effort in it. It is a natural process and when you put your attention on your spiritual tools - dedicate time to go inward - it simply and effectively clears the clouds. And the sun is so bright, capable, brilliant, fabulous, certain and clear. It is you.

Enjoy this meditation and I would love to hear any comments or questions! Here are some to ponder on...

  • Have you ever picked up on other people's energy and then worn it like an old t-shirt for days after?

  • Do you go through times of feeling extremely clear and certain only to find yourself doubting everything the next day?

  • What did you notice during your meditation?

  • Did you see things, hear things, feel things?

  • Were you completely annoyed and restless?

  • Did you critic the meditation the entire time?

  • Did you feel peaceful and clear?

  • What did you notice?

However you experienced it is perfect... as there is no "right" answer or way to experience meditation. And yes, if you experienced it—felt it, thought it, saw it—it is real!

Make a comment on Facebook or email me! I would love to answer any questions. And if you know anyone who would benefit from this please have them sign up for their free meditation.