Embracing The Challenge With Grace


Embracing The Challenge With Grace

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When we allow our bodies to take control of something we are working on, moving through or creating, we go into effort. That effort has many different affects on our body, mind and spirit. Exhaustion, frustration, competition with self and others can come forward. 

In this workshop we will look at moving the energy of effort out of our space to replace it with permission allowing our body to gracefully move through and experience where we are.

Experience guided visualization mediation, energy work, journaling and communication to ground and support your journey whether it is your 60 Yoga Challenge, a personal goal off the mat, or an internal shift you are experiencing. 

This workshop will be held at Body Yoga Roseville. Come join us for a yoga class right before the workshop starts to prepare the body for mediation and introspection and to enhance this experience overall.

March 25th 11:00-12:30

Body Yoga Roseville, CA

1310 Blue Oaks Blvd, Unit 200, Roseville, CA 95678