Pause. Time To Gather Retreat.


Pause. Time To Gather Retreat.


Time To Gather Retreat  - Embracing The Gap

May 30TH - June 1ST 2018

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Is your life congruent with your truth, your heart's desire? 

Is there a gap between your beliefs, what's most important to you, your integrity, your desires and the life you are actually living? 

Does your relationship hold the space for the love and connection you yearn and would never have compromised, yet you are?

Is full-hearted purpose in your career a non-negotiable, yet you feel empty and vacant in it?

Is creativity and expression of self a right you fight for yet you avoid it, you forget to paint or dance or use your imagination? 

Do you believe your health and body's wellness is vital to your happiness yet you resist taking care of it?

Is kindness one of the most important aspects of a relationship yet the relationship you are in offers little?

We are meant to live the life our heart's desire. We are intended to and have a right to live our lives full of joy, peace, flow, congruency, and love. 

During this two night and two-day retreat, experience your true self and start to create your life aligning your heart's desires - soul's truth - with your everyday reality.

Gain clarity on who you are, what you truly desire and the life you want to experience. Looking at different areas of your life, we will begin aligning your visions and dreams with your daily reality. 

Look at where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go. Call all of your wisdom from the past to the present to create your future with your personal empowerment and clarity.

You will experience meditation & energy work, journaling, hiking, essential oils, yoga, and movement. Receive a workbook and recorded meditations to help you move through this freeing experience. Take these ah-ha moments, tools and clarity home with you as an anchoring roadmap to continue your evolvement.

Westerbeke Ranch is a beautiful property located less than ten minutes from Sonoma Square. Beautiful accommodations in darling cottages which sleeps 2-3 in each. Private bath in each cottage and a porch to relax and unwind.

A large pool and hot tub to soak in await. An inviting labyrinth is up on the hill close to the hiking trails and amazing gardens. The gathering area for meals is warm and welcoming with long tables and a rustic community feel. The food is delicious and healthy, nourishing body and soul.

Yoga and movement will be offered each day.

Deep dive into meditation and energy work to create awareness and embrace the change you desire while creating what is true for you.

Sisterhood, an energetic container of goodness for you to be held while you experience yourself on a deeper level.

This experience is grounded in amusement, rooted-ness, joy, creative flow, personal power, vision and soulful goodness.


May 30th - June 1st

Check-In Wednesday at 4:00 PM Depart Friday at 3:00 PM

(I highly suggest planning on arriving in Sonoma Wednesday morning or early afternoon to enjoy the town, spa or outdoor experiences in the area. This way when you check in at the ranch at 4:00, you have already started the unwinding process and stepping into your renewal time. Suggestions and option for early arrival on Wednesday will be provided.)

Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma CA

*Early bird pricing until March 21th.

*Payment plan available if needed, please contact me for that option

*Cancellations after April 1st will receive no refund. Cancellations before April 1st will be a total of $700 with the balance withheld.

*Want to explore if this is right for you? Please contact me at 916.718.4108 or