“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”


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Are you ready to experience life from a deeper place within you? To create what you deeply desire aligning your integrity and soul purpose? Do you desire to trust yourself and your intuition making decisions, challenges and day to day life more fluid, harmonious and joyful?

This program is rooted in the intention to create deep transformational shifts within yourself and your life by discovering and developing your intuition. You will awaken parts of you that have been dormant while giving permission to your magic to play. You will be guided, supported and held in pure neutrality, love, wisdom and deep intuition. 

Experience deep connection with self and others in this sisterhood. Receive spiritual communication validating your light. Create lifelong bonds that go deep fast because we cut through the illusions and see what is real in each of us. We celebrate each other as well as hold space for reflection and deep awareness and growth. 

This program is 4 months of soul-full goodness. You will let go of that which does not serve you and embrace your true essence bringing more light, love, and truth to your life and to this world.

You will learn simple to profound energy tools to help you manage your energetic space, mind, body, and spirit. 

You will awaken your senses and learn the language they speak. Your senses hold information about you and are communicating constantly. Are you listening?

Create a strong partnership and clear communication between you and your body.

Connect with your intuition and all the different ways it speaks to you. Learn to trust your inner voice and inner knowing. Learn to find neutrality so you can see clearly, know your truth and create the life you desire. 

Learn to freely express yourself as the unique spirit you are.

Here is what you will experience:

  • The focus and intention for this program is grounded in cultivating an intuitive life, leading with your intuition and soul perspective and bringing this way of being into every area of your life - it is creating an intuitive life

  • Weekly 60-minute call via Zoom Video Conferencing (3 weeks with 1 week off for integration every month)

  • Three one-on-one 45-minute Soul Session Intuitive Readings where you will have space to ask questions and dig deeper with me

  • Access to online classroom of videos and audios, The Intuitive Life Self Study Program

  • Be a part of the private Intuitive Life Community to ask questions, create deeper connections with soul sisters and receive support and guidance from myself and others in the online private community

  • Invitation to 2 in person renewal experiences to connect face to face and soul to soul

Investment $3,300 (Payment Plan Available)

The magic begins May 2018.