Kaleidoscope Clairvoyance Apprenticeship


Kaleidoscope Clairvoyance Apprenticeship

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”


Exploratory Application Kaliedoscope Apprenticeship

Kaleidoscope Clairvoyance Apprenticeship

Kaleidoscope Clairvoyance Apprenticeship

Become a Sovereign Visionary + Learn To Read Energy - Begins March 2020

This 9 month to year-long program is created to teach, support and validate your abilities as spirit in body and learn to "see" energy and spirit. Learn to read the energy of people, places, and things by developing your clairvoyance. We all have the ability to see energy - pictures or moving imagery - to provide neutral awareness and clarity offering the ability to see beneath the surface and access instrumental wisdom and information.

Whether you are interested in your own personal spiritual journey and healing or you would like to bring this awareness into your work or be a professional intuitive clairvoyant offering reading or enhancing your business, this program is meant for you.

When you are able to read energy you start to find matching pictures or energy in your space that limits who you are. Every time you read you clear these imprints and energies that are not you allowing for you to connect to your truth and make decisions that are in alignment. You become more of who you are.

This experience is offered to a small group of individuals who are seeking to have intimate, deep, spiritual growth and learn to work with others in this capacity - be it friends, family or clients. The first place to start is with self. Give a healing, receive a healing.

  • Learn to give intuitive clairvoyant readings offering information on others auras, pictures, akashic records, energy blocks, spirit guides and more.

  • Learn to heal yourself and hold space to energetically support others on their healing journey.

  • Learn to de-program yourself and others and become more of who you are while supporting others to become more of who they are.

  • Learn to decipher what you are intuitively aware of and accurately read the energy providing a profound energetic spiritual perspective.

  • Remove cords and complete karma work.

  • Learn to create and own your space-defining boundaries energetically and physically.

  • Learn to create mockups of your dreams and bring into your life what which you desire to experience.

  • Monthly private one on one session with me.

  • Group calls to learn and practice almost every week.

  • Experience four weekend retreats in-person deep dive gatherings in Folsom CA.

  • And so much more.

If this calls to you, please click “Exploratory Application” on this page to access the form and let's explore if this is right for you. It is not meant for everyone, only those who are ready and desiring a very real and deep experience of self, energy work, developing intuition and clairvoyance.

Are you ready to take your awareness to the next level? Are you desiring to work as an intuitive, professionally reading or working in your coaching career letting your intuition lead - seeing and knowing the most potent questions to ask and information to share to support yourself and others on this journey of deep transformation?

Are you ready to first experience this deep transformation for yourself?  We must walk through our own fire first in order to best lead others through theirs.

*Please fill out the exploratory application form (no obligation) and let’s explore together if this is the best next step for you. Click “Add To Cart” to access the form. By filling out this form you are simply expressing interest to learn more and there is no obligation!