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intuitive life mastermind experience

This 6 month group mentorship experience designed especially for spiritual women who desire to develop their intuition. It will guide you to live your life aligned with your truth, your soul's purpose, your heart's desires. 

This program is the foundation and grounding point to start your unique spiritual intuitive journey.

Together we will focus on discovering your intuition and how to live intuitively - to life with less fear, with trust in yourself, connected to your light and your joy every day.


This program is for you if you:

  • Desire more freedom to express yourself authentically

  • Desire to connect with your intuition and trust yourself

  • Feel other's emotions and problems as if they were your own and get lost in them

  • Have difficulty creating and holding boundaries and desire to no longer compromise your essential self

  • Are ready to bring into your life what you truly desire

  • Are ready to look deep into yourself turning your attention inward for expansion

  • Are ready for transformation inside out

  • Desire to embrace your truth, passion and joy

  • Want to shift old patterning and remove energetic imprints

  • Desire to be senior in your space, holding your confidence and sense of self around others

  • Desire to see with clarity and make decisions from that place

  • Are ready to be in the present moment and learn to ground

  • Are ready to learn how to notice what you notice and be aware of the space between the seconds

  • Desire a community of intuitive individuals who see you as spirit not just as your body or labels

  • Perceive life from an energetic spiritual perspective

  • Are ready to embrace the truth about self that comes forward to heal and shift

  • Are ready to let go of the lies and imprints that keep you small

  • Desire to access and use your spiritual wisdom and information to navigate and create your life

Here is what you will experience:

  • The focus and intention of this program is grounded in learning practices to connect to your wisdom and light, devoloping your intuition.

  • Experience coaching to support you in infusing your life with your intuition and working through the growth and transformation you experience.

  • This work includes guided visualization meditation, journaling, accessing *your* intuition, a variety of energy management tools, defining space and boundaries, and ways to manifest your desires.

  • Weekly calls via Zoom Video Conferencing + FB Lives (almost weekly)

  • Four one-on-one Soul Session Intuitive Reading where you will have space to ask questions and dig deeper with me

  • Experience two in person renewal retreats to connect face to face and soul to soul.

  • Access to on-line classroom of videos and audios, The Intuitive Life Self Study Program.

  • Support and community in the private Intuitive Life FB Group to ask questions, create deeper connections and receive support and guidance from myself and others in the online private community.

Please join the waitlist if you would like to explore with me if this program is right for you.





Do you feel called to make a difference in this world? Do you have a deep knowing that your purpose is to shine light, inspire others and share your healing gifts with the world? This program is for the soul workers of the world seeking a place to grow into their gifts of spiritual work and healing.

Whether a coach, healer, yoga teacher, body worker, artist, spiritual leader or someone who does not know how to put a name to your gifts, this mentorship program is here for you to blossom into your fullest potential as the entrepreneur you are.

Created to support women in crafting and orchestrating their business grounded in their own unique vision, speaking their own unique message. 

To learn to come back to center, when veered off path, healing themselves along the way.

To create energetic balance between the demands of business and the desires of life.

This mentorship is grounded to create massive change through experiencing, not just conceptualizing.

Learn how to intuitively work with your clients and see the soul of your business.

Shifting knowledge to wisdom.

In this 5 month mentorship program you will learn about your own energy system, intuition and ways to heal yourself connecting deeply into self care and spiritual self awareness. It all starts with you. When you are solid, clear, grounded, in joy and connected to your true self then you are able to do the same for others.

Learn how to manage the energy while holding space for a client, team member, student or who ever you wish to hold space for allowing them to find their light and connect to their higher self, their highest potential. Learn how to hold and ground the space to create a sacred sanctuary. Learn how to lead circles and create a safe environment for people to connect deeply and experience healing and transformation. 

Learn how to find your voice to teach, speak and communicate in a way that is authentic and from source, your truth. Learn to speak your wisdom instead of the knowledge around you. This takes the effort out of communicating and replaces it with ease, clarity and confidence.

Find your unique message to the world. What is your purpose? What are you most passionate about? What is true for you? Share it, please, the world is waiting.

This mentorship program is meant for women entrepreneurs with a passion for creating soulful impact in this world. We have the ability to be farmers of compassion, truth and wisdom whether it is in our businesses, our families or communities. You are meant to plant the seeds then let them sprout and grow.

Here is what you will experience:

  • The focus and intention of this program is grounded in cultivating a deeper self practice of intuitive living while learning how to inspire others by offering your gifts and awareness as a leader where ever you would like to spread magic and create positive change

  • Weekly 90 minute call via Zoom Video Conference

  • Each member will have an opportunity to lead a call sharing your gifts as a leader, with reflection and celebration offered to you

  • Three one-on-one Soul Session Intuitive Reading where you will have space to ask questions and dig deeper with me which is a great place to get super clear on your gifts and messaging

  • Access to on-line classroom of videos and audios

  • Be a sister in the private Soul Work Mentorship community to ask questions, create deeper connections with soul sisters and receive support and guidance from myself and others in the community

  • Invitation to 2 in person day retreats to connect face to face and soul to soul in Folsom, CA

The changes and shifts this work offers:

  • Through receiving and experiencing grounded energetic perspectives and communication you learn to view life and business without a filter, seeing your truth.

  • Through support and guidance learn to step up into your higher vibration. It is always there, just a matter of creating awareness of it, saying yes and stepping into it.

  • Clear old patterns and step into your truth, releasing what keeps you stuck and holds you back.

  • Replace the fear of being seen with confindence and courage allowing you to create massive impact in this world.

  • Learn energetic boundaries and how to apply them in everyday life.

  • Work your money story and energetically align with the vibration of abundance.

  • Shift your pattern of people pleasing to better serve and stay aligned.

  • Learn to create more space to connect to yourself: your vision, voice, truth.

  • Learn to disconnect from clients and other's energy so you feel rejuvenated and nourished instead of depleted and exhausted.

  • Powerful energetic tools, visualization meditations.

  • Private FB community of like-minded female entrepreneurs to support you in igniting your intuition and bring your soul-centered business to the next level.

  • This five month mentorship experience will guide you into creating and managing your business leading with intuition, your spiritual truth. It marries your intellect with your intuition so that you are entrepreneur-ing with empowerment, from your highest potential and strong integrity.

Are you ready to learn to trust yourself, become your own guide - to live with less fear of being seen, with more trust in yourself and your vision, connected to your light and your joy every day so you can shine your work on the world and create the massive impact you desire?


What Others Have Experienced

Aimee, I wanted to thank you for the amazing opportunity to be involved with such incredible like-minded women. I was honored to participate in the Intuitive Business Mentorship program.
Having you guide us each week to step into our inner resources and extract the gifts we have within, was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. To have a sacred space to grow within myself and carry it into my business was absolutely a gift! What I didn’t expect during my commitment was to develop a beautiful, loving, sisterhood, with the other participants. To witness week to week our growth and accomplishments was so encouraging. Your love, wisdom, and amazing leadership qualities have unequivocally changed my life in so many ways. I cannot begin to thank you enough.

Love you, my beautiful mentor! Kiki

Every week explore a new topic: 

Focus 1 Your Space

During these weeks we will focus on your energy and create the foundation as you develop your intuition.

Learn energy management tools to support your personal space. Build the foundation. Ground. Personal space. Your vision. Neutrality. Releasing what does not serve. Creating and manifesting.

Focus 2 Your Business  

These weeks we will focus on your business as it's own energy - the soul of your business. You will learn tools, techniques, rituals that you can practice using with your business to create and manage it intuitively.

Ground your business, get clear. Spiritual/energetic agreements with your business. The energy and soul of your business. Money vibrations. Releasing what does not serve. Creating spaciousness. Authentic vision for expansion and what you want to create. Creating and manifestation.

Focus 3 Your Clients  

These weeks we will focus on your clients and using your tools to create the most impact with them. Learn intuitive tools you can use with them and teach them to support them on their journey.

Ground your vision of your ideal client that is an energetic match. Release what does not serve - clients, beliefs, story, healing responsibility.  Boundaries energetically and in action.. Communication as an energy and action. Soul agreements with clients. Creating separation and ending karma.

Focus 4 Bringing It All Together

This time is dedicated to implementation and experiencing your business evolution in this container with support and guidance. 



Would you like to explore with me if this program is right for you? 


Kaleidoscope Clairvoyant Apprenticeship

Become a Sovereign Visionary - Begins October 2019

This year long program is created to teach, support and validate your abilities as spirit in body and learn to "see" energy and spirit. Learn to read the energy of people, places, and things by developing your clairvoyance. We all have the ability to see energy - pictures or moving imagery - to provide neutral awareness and clarity. Whether you are interested in your own personal healing and journey or you would like to become a professional intuitive clairvoyant, this program is meant for you.

When you are able to read energy you start to find matching pictures or energy in your space that limits who you are. Everytime you read you clear these imprints and energies that are not you allowing for you to connect to your truth and make decisions that are in alignment. You become more of who you are.

This experience is offered to a small group of individuals who are seeking to have intimate, deep, spiritual growth and learn to work with others in this capacity - be it friends, family or clients. The first place to start is with self. Give a healing, recieve a healing.

  • Learn to heal yourself and hold space to energetically support others on their healing journey.

  • Learn to de-program yourself and others and become more of who you are while supporting others to become more of who they are.

  • Learn to decipher what you are intuitively aware of and accurately read the energy providing profound energetic spiritual perspective.

  • Remove cords and complete karma work.

  • Learn to create and own your space - defining boundaries energetically and in body.

  • Create mockups and bring into your life that which you desire to experience.

  • Monthly private one on one session with me.

  • Group calls to learn and practice almost every week.

  • Experience four 2.5 day in-person deep dive gatherings in Folsom CA.

  • And so much more.

If this calls to you, please reach out and let's explore if this is right for you. It is not meant for everyone, only those who are ready and desiring a very real and deep experience of self, energy work and intuition.

Are you ready to take your awareness to the next level? Are you desiring to work as an intuitive, professionally reading or working in your coaching career letting your intuition lead - seeing and knowing the most potent questions to ask and information to share to support yourself and others on this journey of deep transformation?

 Are you ready to first experience this deep transformation for yourself?  We must walk through our fire first in order to best lead others through theirs.


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.